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Website administration & Client service outsourcing


We’ve been running our own websites for over a decade, and now we’re doing it for our US-based partners as well. WordPress blogs or eCommerce platforms, be it that you need technical support, customer service support or to manage the daily administration tasks. We got it covered.

Automation (RPA)


Robotic tasks are made for.. robots. We can help you automate any repetitive, daunting, predictable process that you can think of. Integrating APIs between apps like Slack, G Suite, HubSpot, Shopify, Magento or Facebook. Would you like that order sent via email to show up in your Slack channel automatically? Maybe you’d like to enrich a list of companies from an .XLS list with the right CEO name & email, automatically. To super-charge this, what if we’d also pull that list from your SalesForce into that .XLS. Give us a challenge. Automation. Your team deserves the smart, HKR efficiency.

Marketing & Lead generation


Affiliate marketing, that’s where HKR strives best, as we’ve been doing this for years, both for ourselves and for our partners and clients. We prospect the right leads and we create relationships that turn into campaigns, that then turn into revenue. How does it work? Our marketing specialists are fully integrated into our partner’s team, they live and breathe the same company culture and understand the exact path where the company is heading. The rest is simply great marketing.

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